WEEK SIX – Stop, Start, Keep.

Before beginning ESH151 Children’s Literature Studies, I was a little nervous. I am doing this unit as an elective in my final semester of my Arts degree, and I had never done a unit from outside the faculty of Arts before. This unit’s content and assessment sounded completely different to anything I had done so far in my degree, which was quite daunting. Now, six weeks in to the semester, I feel like I have settled into the unit reasonably well. This blog post has been a great opportunity for me to reflect on what I have learnt so far, and how I can improve my learning experience.

On reflecting on the books I have used so far in this unit, I have realised that I have stayed well within my comfort zone. Almost all of the books I have discussed in my blog posts have been ones that I am familiar with, or at least books in which I am familiar with the author. While this has felt like a good way to ‘ease’ into the subject, I think it has also restricted my experience in this unit so far. I know I would benefit from exploring a wider range of books and authors. I am looking forward to the upcoming modules in this unit, as looking at the reading list, there seems to be a large number of books I can choose from which I am not familiar with. I will make a conscious effort to stop restricting myself, and explore the vast array of quality children’s literature available. 

Something that I must start doing in relation to this unit is be more active on the discussion boards. At the start of the semester, I made sure that I contributed to the discussion boards, however, the past few weeks, I have focussed on my blog. On reflection, I have realised that this is really a missed opportunity. Discussing concepts prior to posting my blog could have been extremely valuable – getting feedback from other students and teaching staff could have helped my understanding and thus improved my blog posts. To get the most out of this unit, I need to start dedicating time to contributing to the discussion boards.

Something I will keep doing in relation to this unit – and others – is think carefully about my word choice. In the past, I have been frustrated with myself for focussing on the wording of assignment pieces. At times, I know I have felt like I am wasting time by trying to perfect the wording of each sentence. However, this unit has made me realise the importance of word choice. Language is such a powerful device, and the words I choose to use in assessment pieces can have many different effects. Although it might take a little extra time, I plan to keep focussing on my word choice and sentence structure.


One thought on “WEEK SIX – Stop, Start, Keep.

  1. Jess, it is always daunting to begin something new – even more so when you are working with an unfamiliar faculty. Well done to you for embracing the challenge.

    It is always tempting to ‘stick to what we know’ in terms of book choice, I am glad that you have recognised this and I know that the next module will provide you with many opportunities to extend yourself in this way.

    I am also glad to see your determination to increase your activity on the boards, you are correct – this is extremely important for yours and others learning.
    While this is a well written entry and it is obvious that you have given this some thought, however, I would have liked to see more depth in your discussions in terms of things that you will keep, stop and start – perhaps just one more example of each would have helped.
    You are currently averaging a DN for this assessment task. Well done, I look forward to seeing your Glog.
    Amanda 🙂

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